Mountain Ambitions

One Small Girl Takes on Big Mountains

About Mountain Ambitions

Mountain ambitions is a blog for those that love mountains and females that like to take on big challenges.

I’m 4 foot 11 inches and a size UK 4 petite – not your image of an average mountain lover or athlete. However size can often be deceptive. I believe that size should not and does not stand in the way of any ambition.

I’m not a professional athlete, the best climber out there or the fastest runner, but that does not stop me. I am however an avid trail runner, a keen walker and mountaineer and am weirdly inspired by long distances and big challenges. Most importantly I LOVE mountains and any challenge they hold.

I wasn’t always a lover of mountains, or outdoors sports. At school I was hopeless at PE and often bullied for my size (and to be honest being a bit of a geek). However growing up in Cornwall my connection to the outdoors was always there and after years of city dwelling and 50+ hour weeks at work, something had to give. It was at that point I rediscovered my love for the outdoors and never looked back.

This blog is designed to inspire and offer practical advise to other “vertically challenged” female athletes as well as other mountain lovers to push themselves further, climb a bit higher and run a bit longer. I hope to inspire petite females who thought “that’s not for me” or “i can’t do that, that’s for the boys”. I also hope to present a more healthy picture of young females – not all size six are unhealthy waifs with model frames.

I hope you enjoy reading and invite you to join the adventure!