This weekend I had the pleasure to run the first Humanity Direct Amersham Ultra, organized by the wonderful XNRG team. As always I wrote a quick race report for them for their own blog.

The race stood out to me personally for a few reasons:

  1. Despite being in the Chilterns (I remember them to be pretty hilly) the course was really fast and what I would call flat, others undulating. Usually this bores the life out of me, especially when combined with fields, gates and styles but this course was really lovely. Little woodland winding trails you could really have some fun on, beautiful river paths and yes even a few fields that even i couldn’t complain about thrown into the mix. I’d highly recommend it to anyone looks for a quick ultra trail time or who is not such a hill lover.
  2. Based on point 1 I managed to cut a whole 30 minutes of my best 30 mile time to date – sadly so did everyone else and no prizes for me but I did manage to scrape in at a not too shabby 28 out of 104.
  3. Homemade Rocky Road and Flapjack – always my favorite at XNRG events but this time it was there in abundance. Hurrah. There is always room for more cake when ultra running!
  4. It was also the end of my first training cycle for UTMB and I cracked out happily my 15 hour week…onwards and upwards (quite literally!)